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Nurturing scientific curiosity.

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Sustaining growing minds
in need

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Building brainpower with bots.

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Teaching teamwork on the field

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Uniting a district of talent.

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Taking learning outside.

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Building knowledge
peer to peer.

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Developing life skills
and strength.

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Catching skills
at summer camp.

Five for Five Campaign

Make a gift to the District 5 Foundation! Thank you! Together, we are engaging our community and schools in pursuit of a quality education for every child. It’s exhilarating and energizing! PLEASE NOTE: You must first fill out the form below and click SUBMIT. You will then be prompted to complete your contribution amount with […]

How Are Flood Donations Being Used?

We have 200+ District Five families that were affected by the floods in October.  Donations have been used to pay for extended hotel stays for families, to pay rent, water and electric bills, to purchase mattresses and blankets and for gift cards for household purchases.  A cap of $500 per family has been set.  The […]

Donate to District Five Flood Victims Here

The District Five – Flood Victims Fund has been established by the District Five Foundation to serve students and families impacted by the devastating floods and their aftermath.   Every penny contributed will go to support District Five flood victims.  In the days and weeks ahead many children and families will need our help.   There are 200+ families […]

Five for Five

We’ve raised $0 out of our goal $85,000

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Please support our mission to engage our community and schools in pursuit of a quality education for every child.

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Way to Go!

In the past four years, with an all-volunteer board and supporters, the District 5 Foundation has given over


to students and teachers in our district to fund its goals!

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